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How Do I Become a Member of BST?

  • First, complete the BST membership waiting list form and submit the waiting list fee (please see below).

  • When you are offered a membership at BST, you will be required to purchase stock in the club. The current stock price is $800. The stock price will increase $100 each year in 2024 and 2025. All members are required to hold $1,000 in stock by 2025.  BST will purchase your stock from you at the appropriate amount when you close your membership.

  • After you make your stock purchase, you will need to pay the annual dues for your membership category.

What Are BST's Membership Categories and Annual Dues?

BST's membership categories and 2024 dues are as follows:

Individual (One person) -  $785

Dual (Two people living at the same address) - $980

Family (Two people living at the same address and their legal dependents ages 22 and younger) - $1,75

Are BST Memberships Available Now?

Bolton Swim and Tennis currently has a waiting list for memberships. The average wait for a membership is between three and four calendar years from the date on which a name is added to the list.


How Do I Get Added to the Waiting List?

To have your name added to the waiting list, please visit                                                  Click on Join in the upper right corner, and you will be asked to input your contact details and pay a non-refundable $35 fee.

Why Does BST Have a Waiting List for Membership?

BST membership is limited by the club's legal charter to 360 stockholders. The charter establishes an upper limit for stockholding members, and requests for memberships have greatly outpaced BST's ability to issue memberships.

Isn't There Some Way to Get to the Top of the List Faster?

No. All memberships are offered in the order of the waiting list. To ensure the integrity of this system, the waiting list is reviewed by BST's Membership Committee twice each year.


I've Heard That BST Offers Memberships for the Month of August. What's the Story?

In most years, BST offers 12 memberships for the month of August. Like all memberships, these are offered in order to people on the BST membership waiting list.


Is Tennis Included in My Membership?

BST members enjoy unlimited use of the pool, playground, and tennis courts.

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