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This page updated June 27, 2021, 6:30 a.m.
  • BST's pool will  is open on a normal schedule.

  • Current guest and houseguest policies are as follows:

    • BST members may bring up to nine daily guests Monday through Thursday. .

    • On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, BST members may bring daily guests once during the three-day period. A maximum of two adult guests and their children or two children without their parents is allowed.

    • As always, members may bring the same guest no more than 10 times per month. 

    • Pre-registered houseguests continue to be permitted. Houseguests may be registered for three-day or seven-day periods. Seven-day fees are $60 per individual, $100 per couple, $125 per family. Three-day fees are $30 per individual, $50 per couple, $65 per family. Houseguest fees will not be prorated. BST's houseguest registration form is available here.

    • Members must sign in their tennis guests at the front desk. 

  • Bolton Swim and Tennis' tennis courts are open.

  • The rules governing use of the tennis courts, along with health and safety guidelines and information on making reservations, are available here.

  • Use of the tennis courts does not require a reservation, but members with reservations have priority for use of the reserved court. Members can go here to set up their account or make a reservation.

  • Bolton Swim and Tennis' playfield is open.

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