Bolton Swim & Tennis, Ltd. Rules and Regulations

The following Rules and Regulations are for the protection and benefit of all. They assure safe and sanitary operation of the pool and other facilities. Your cooperation in abiding by these Rules and Regulations will afford pleasant relaxation and recreation for all concerned. Members, their families, and guests are requested to observe all Rules and Regulations and to obey the instructions of all Club employees.


I. Dues Responsibilities

I-A. Ownership of stock requires that annual dues must be paid each season or the stock must be surrendered by April 1.  Annual dues statements will be mailed to the membership on or before February 15.  Annual dues must be paid in full by April 1. (For categories of membership, see Section III.)

1. The dues cover the season beginning on April 1 of the current year and ending on March 31 of the following year. 

2. August memberships begin on August 1 and end on October 31 of the same year.

I-B. By April 1, a member must advise the secretary or his/her designee in writing of a decision to relinquish membership. Upon receipt of this notice, the secretary or his/her designee shall have ten (10) days to inform the member whether the club will exercise its right of first refusal to repurchase the member’s share of membership stock. If the Club exercises its right to repurchase the member’s share of stock, the member shall be paid for the share when the share is re-sold by the Club. If the Club declines to repurchase the member’s share of stock, the member may sell the share on his/her own.

I-C. If a member fails to pay dues in full by April 1, the secretary may close the membership and, upon resale of the member’s share of stock, refund the current share value less any unpaid dues and/or guest fees from the prior year.  Any member not planning or able to pay in full by April 1 of any given year must complete a form specifying when payment will be made. Forms will be required to be submitted by April 1. These will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. Any violation of an approved payment plan will lead to suspension of the membership until a revised plan is approved by the Executive Committee or payment is made.  Any membership that is not paid in full or lacking an approved payment plan by May 1 will be suspended. If payment is not made or a payment plan is not submitted by May 15, the membership will be terminated.

I-D. All members are assured the right to petition with respect to class of membership, payment of annual dues, and refunds resulting from cancellation of membership. Petitions should be addressed to the attention of the secretary. The Executive Committee shall make the final decision regarding any such petition.


II. General Rules and Regulations

II-A. All persons using the pool or pool area, tennis courts, or other facilities of the Club do so at their own risk and sole responsibility. The Club assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use, or for loss or damage of any kind to personal property.  Persons using the facilities covenant and agree to release and indemnify the Club in connection with any loss of life, for personal injury, or for loss of personal property.

II-B. Members are personally liable for any damage to the facility caused by themselves, their children, and/or their guests (including babysitters and housesitters). The cost of such damage will be charged to the responsible members.

II-C. Members must abide by all rules and are responsible for the compliance with same by their children, guests, sitters, etc. Prior to using the Club, members must execute an Acknowledgement and General Release, which is available at the Club office.

II-D. The Pool and Facilities Managers or their designees are responsible for the strict enforcement of the Rules and Regulations, and are authorized, temporarily, to prohibit any member or guest from using the Club. The Pool or Facilities Manager shall immediately notify the Rules Committee Chair and Club President of such action.

II-E. Adjudication of questions, conflicts, and disputes over membership and guest access shall be made in accordance with the bylaws by the Rules and Membership Committee. The Board of Governors may revoke a membership for good cause. Prior to doing so, the Board of Governors shall give the member whose membership is at issue an opportunity to be heard. Upon revocation, the member shall receive a refund of his/her membership share as well as a pro rata return of any dues paid.

II-F. In the event of a partnership separation, both individuals continue to assume all rights, privileges, and responsibilities of BST membership. In the event of divorce, or other permanent separation, only one member may retain the share of membership stock. The individual not retaining the share of stock may continue to use the Club facilities providing:

1. such individual pays annual dues commensurate with his or her membership class; and
2. such individual purchases the first available share of membership stock, after being placed at the end of the waiting list for such share.

II-G. Pets are not allowed within the facility at any time.

II-H. These Rules and Regulations may be revised or amended at any time upon recommendation of the Rules Committee and approval of the Board of Governors. Reasonable notice of approved changes will be given.


III. Category of Membership

III-A. Individual—one person. Single members are permitted one non-paying guest per day, subject to the restriction set forth in Section V-C.

III-B. Partnership—two people residing under the same roof, but not in a landlord/tenant relationship.

III-C. Family—adult members and members of their household (excluding tenants). Children ages 23 and older as of April 1 of the current year and other adults 18 and older as of April 1 of the current year who reside in the household on April 1 of that year will be charged $125 per person to be included on the membership and are required to provide a copy of proof of residency.

III-D. Sabbatical—Stockholder may place their membership in sabbatical status for one season but not more than two (2) consecutive years within a ten (10) year period.  Requests for sabbatical status must be made by March 15 for the season beginning on April 1.  The stockholder may not use the facility, except as the guest of a member in good standing, during the entire twelve (12) month period the membership is in sabbatical status.  The sabbatical status will be approved if the use of the membership can be filled by the waiting list candidates.  The club will offer use of the membership to the next applicant of the waiting list.  The applicant is not considered a stockholder and is not eligible to vote in stockholder matters.  Applicants filling a sabbatical membership must purchase the next available share of stock when offered to maintain BST membership.  In the event that by the start of a subsequent season a share of stock has not become available and there are no available memberships in sabbatical status, the applicant(s) will return to their place on the waiting list until a share becomes available.

1. Sabbatical memberships will be granted only if that revenue can be supplemented by the waitlist. Members must notify the Secretary about an intention to take a sabbatical year by March 15. After March 15, sabbatical requests must be presented to the Executive Committee. The Secretary will fill the sabbatical membership revenue from the waitlist prior to April 15 but no later than May 1. The Secretary will notify the member that the revenue requirement has been fulfilled and the sabbatical has been granted by May 1. 

III-E.  Provisional Memberships—Provisional memberships follow the same rules of membership and payment of dues. Provisional members may not vote or hold positions on the Board. Provisional members may not reserve the facility for events. 

1. Full Season Provisional Memberships—Full Season Provisional Memberships will be offered to the individual previously a member and involved in a divorce or separation. In that situation, the member who does not maintain ownership of the stock will be offered a provisional membership to access the club and while that individual is on the waiting list and until they are offered the option to purchase stock. Full Season Provisional Memberships will be offered to a fixed number of individuals on the waitlist. The number of full season provisional memberships offered will be determined by the executive committee before April 1 and informed by the budget and other operating committees of the board.  Full Season provisional members will remain on their place on the waitlist and must purchase stock if offered or lose their place on the waitlist. 

2. August Provisional Memberships—August Provisional Memberships will be offered to 12 individuals on the waitlist per season.  August Provisional Memberships will begin on August 1 and end on October 31 of the same year. August provisional members will have full access to the facility during that time period. August Provisional Memberships will be pro-rated to reflect the limited time period and access to the club.  August Provision Memberships will remain in their place on the waitlist. 

III-F Waitlist—Individuals interested in becoming members of the club can submit their name onto the waitlist. There will be a $35 non refundable fee to be added to the waitlist.  The waitlist is non-discriminatory and listed by date. The club Secretary manages and maintains the waitlist. When members resign their stock individuals on the waitlist will be contacted to purchase the stock and they will be given a brief window to purchase or decline the offer. When members go on sabbatical, individuals on the waitlist will be contacted to fill the spot for the season the member is on sabbatical. Individuals filling a sabbatical membership or taking advantage of any provisional membership remain on the waitlist in their position until stock is offered.


IV. Registration Requirements

IV-A. A representative of each membership unit must sign in upon entering the facility by signing name and membership number in the register.

IV-B. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied at all times by an adult or babysitter who is at least 16 years old. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Pool Manager, in which event both the parent and child must complete an Age Exception Form, which is on file in the Club office.

IV-C. Upon entering the Club, all guests must be signed in by their host member. See Section


V. Guest Privileges and Regulations

V-A. Guest Responsibilities: Guests are bound by all of the Club’s Rules and Regulations.

V-B. Guest Registration

V-B-1. For admission into the Club, all guests, other than those described in Section V-B.2, must be accompanied and signed in by a member. 
V-B-2. Special Guest Categories:

V-B-2-i  House guests.  House guests must be registered by an adult member prior to attending the pool.  The maximum period of access for an individual houseguest visit is two consecutive weeks.  The same house guests will be limited to two visits per season.  Members will be allowed to register up to 3 different house guests (indivduals/couples/families occurring at one time count as one) visits per season.  Each visit represents a two week maximum period but does not limit the number of house guests during the two week visit.  Houseguests may attend the pool without the member.  Houseguests younger than 16 may not attend without an adult.  Houseguests are encouraged to visit the pool the first time with the member.  While houseguests are intended for out of town guests and addresses will be collected, there will be no restriction for geography.

V-B-2-ii  Caregivers.  For the purpose of this category, caregivers will be supervisors of minor children.  Children under 10 years of age must attend pool with supervision.  All caregivers must be 16 years or older.  Caregivers must be present with member or children of member they are supervising.  Children of caregivers will not be allowed to attend as guests unless the adult member is present.  One caregiver at a time can supervise children. Two caregivers can be registered per family.  Caregivers may also pay a daily rate, but must be signed in by an adult member.

V-C. No individual may be a guest at the club more than ten times a month, unless he/she qualifies as a special guest under Section V-B.2.

V-D. Guest Fees:

Daily Guest Fee -  $5/day weekday, $7/day weekend and holiday

Childcare Fee - $85 per family (includes 2 childcare providers per pool season) other childcare providers pay daily guest fee.

Houseguest Fee (7 days) - $60 per individual, $100 per couple, $125 per family

Houseguest Fee (3 days) - $30 per individual, $50 per couple, $65 per family

Additional adult (+18) in household - $125 per adult; must include proof of residency to be added.

V-D-1. Houseguest fees will not be prorated in increments smaller than seven days or three days, as appropriate.

V-E. Members' Fee Responsibility: All fees, including guest fees, will be the responsibility of the member(s) of record. All fees owed the Club must be paid no later than April 15 each year or facility privileges will not be extended.


VI. Pool Regulations

VI-A. Weather permitting, the pool will be open every day during the summer. The Board of Governors will determine the opening date and closing date for the pool.

VI-B. Pool Hours.

Weekdays: 6:30 a.m.—9:00 a.m. Adult lap swimming only.
9:00 a.m.—11:00 a.m. Swimming class, life saving programs, and special interest groups.
11:00 a.m.—9:00 p.m. General use.

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. (other than Saturdays when swim meets occupy the main pool from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.).

VI-C. The pool may be closed at any time because of weather, operational difficulties, or the discretion of the Pool Manager or his/her designee.

VI-D. Swimming Requirements

1. Anyone wishing to swim in water above his/her shoulders must be able to pass a deep water test consisting of swimming two pool lengths and treading water for 30 seconds while observed by a lifeguard. Parents of children may ask a lifeguard to administer a deep water swimming test. 
2. Anyone entering the diving well must first pass the deep water swimming test. 
3. Children who have not passed the deep water test but want to swim in water above their shoulders, excluding the diving well, must be accompanied in the water by a parent, guardian, or  babysitter (who is at least 16 years of age) at all times. 
4. Children who have not passed the deep water test must be accompanied and supervised by a parent, guardian, or babysitter (who is at least 16 years of age) at all times when such children are in the pool.

VI-E. Other than kickboards, no life preservers, water wings, or floatation devices may be used in the main pool. This rule does not prohibit instructional devices used in conjunction with training under the direction of a qualified pool attendant.

VI-F. Running, pushing, wrestling, ball playing, dunking, splashing, or causing undue disturbance in or about the pool area are not permitted. At the discretion of the Pool Manager, members can play with rings or other play equipment.

VI-G. Persons having any infectious or communicable diseases, sores or inflamed eyes, colds, nasal or ear discharges, excessive sunburn, or open sores are not permitted to use the pool.

VI-H. Spouting of water and other unhygienic actions are not permitted at the Club.

VI-I. No wheeled objects (i.e., bicycles, skateboards, etc.) (except wheelchairs and baby strollers) are allowed at the Club other than in the storage area provided by the Club. Bikes shall be placed in the bike rack. The Club is not responsible for damage to any such items stored at the Club.

VI-J. Members are not permitted to use abusive or profane language or make excessive noise.

VI-K. Eating and drinking are permitted in designated areas only.  Smoking is not permitted within the facility or within 50 feet of the pool entrance.

VI-L. No glassware of any type is permitted at the Club.

VI-M. Papers, cigarettes, refuse, food wrappers, unconsumed food, and paper plates and cups must be deposited in trash cans.

VI-N. First aid supplies may be obtained from the life guards.

VI-O. Only one person may be on the diving board at a time. Diving is permitted only from the diving board and the five-foot end of the pool. Dives must be made straight away from the board.

VI-P. Lap lanes are reserved for members and guests 18 years old and up.

VI-Q. No equipment, furniture, etc. may be removed from the facility.

VI-R. All persons must obey the instructions of the lifeguard.

VI-S. The Pool Manager will entertain requests from members for the use of the pool and/or playground for parties during and after hours. Each request is to be considered on its own merits. All parties must be conducted in accordance with the terms of the Rules Governing Events at BST, which is available at the Club office and posted at the Club.

VI-T. Pool Regulations for Children

1. Babies not toilet-trained must wear tight-fitting rubber pants when in the main pool or the baby pool. Parents or guardians may buy approved tight-fitting rubber pants from the Club office.

2. Children under four years old are only permitted in the main pool during general use hours, and must be accompanied and supervised by parents or guardians at all times.

3. The wading pool is restricted to children six years of age and under.

4. The wading pool will not be guarded. Children using the wading pool must be supervised at all times by their parents or guardians.

5. Except as permitted under Section IV-B, no child under 10 years of age may be left at the pool unaccompanied by his/her parent or guardian.


Guide for the Use of the Tennis Courts

All members are required to cooperate with the tennis committee in protecting Club property such as tennis nets, court surfaces, the fences, and wind screens.  Parents are requested to restrain their children from swinging and climbing on the fences, digging holes in the ground adjacent to tennis courts or playing with the court maintenance equipment.


A. General Rules and Regulations

A-1. Appropriate tennis attire, including shirts, should be worn at all times. Bathing suits are not appropriate.

A-2. Only acceptable tennis shoes are permitted (flat bottomed).

A-3. Do not leave tennis can keys, tennis can tops, cigarette butts, or any debris in the court area.

A-4. Do not enter court area while being used by others.

A-5. Parents are requested to supervise their children near the tennis courts so that their conduct is not detrimental to play.

A-6. Players are to relinquish their court at the end of the reserved period upon the completion of the game in process.

A-7. Children ages 16 and younger must obtain permission from the Club tennis pro prior to using the Har Tru courts.  


B. Guest Regulations

B-1. Guests will be permitted only when playing with one or more members.

B-2. Members must register and make payment for their guests as noted in Section III which includes use of the pool.


C. Reservation Procedures for Courts 1 & 2 (Har Tru Surface)

C-1. Reservation times on these courts are limited to one hour for singles and one and one-half hours for doubles.  Time to begin on the hour or half-hour, as appropriate.

C-2. Reservations must be made through BST's online reservation system.

C-3. Time begins as scheduled and not upon arrival.

C-4. Reserved courts will be held for no more than 15 minutes after scheduled starting time and then are available for open play until the next reserved hour.

C-5. Individuals may not use the courts on a reserved basis more than once per day and not more than three times per week, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, but may use the courts during unreserved periods—limitation one hour.

C-6. Reservations should list all players. Guests are to be identified.


D. Procedures Governing Use of Courts 3 & 4

D-1. Reservations must be made through BST's online reservation system.

D-2. Play is limited to one hour for singles or two hours for doubles for the same people if others are registered and waiting.

D-3. If both courts are occupied, sign waiting list establishing order of play. Do not enter time, only occupying the court.

D-4. If the group which is next in line for an open court is not ready, the next group in line takes the available court, and the unprepared group must drop to the end of the waiting list.

D-5. Since courts will not be changing on a regular time basis, persons changing courts must be considerate of those whose game is still in progress.

D-6. Regularly employed members will have court preference before 9:00 a.m., between 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., and between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. on weekdays.

D-7. On weekdays, juniors will have preference on open courts from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.

D-8. Except on holidays and Sundays, the Club tennis pro will have priority use of the courts for scheduled lessons.