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BST's Board of Governors is elected by the membership during BST’s annual meeting.  Board members serve for three years. Board meetings are open to the membership, although only board members are allowed to vote. For additional information about the governance of the club, please contact the board president at

Board Members

Term Expiring 2023

Darrell Glaser

Jennifer Labellarte, Vice President

John McLane

Brett Naylor, Secretary

Paige Plapas

Claudia Sennett

Emma Simpson

Term Expiring 2024

Term Expiring 2025

Stan Arnold

Michael Booth, President

James Johnston, Counsel

Laura Moussa

Sallye Perrin, Vice President

Nick Urbonowicz

Michael Weiss, Treasurer

Vanessa Bliss, Vice President

John Canale

Jonathan Mogol

Joyce Oliner

Katia Pokhodnya

Peter Sultan

Sarah Trautvetter

Board Meetings

BST's Board of Governors meets at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month via Zoom.  Meetings are open to all members. BST's Annual Meeting is usually held in April.

Board Meeting Minutes

BST's Board of Governors makes its meeting minutes available to members once they are approved.

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