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This page updated June 27, 2021, 6:30 a.m.

What is BST's mailing address?
BST's mailing address is Bolton Swim and Tennis, P.O. Box 4860, Baltimore MD 21211.

How long is the pool open?
The pool at BST is open from the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through the Monday of Labor Day weekend.


How long are the tennis courts open?
BST's hard courts are open to members all year.  BST's Har-Tru courts are open from May through October.


Do members have to pay extra to play tennis?
No.  Tennis is free for members.


Does BST offer swimming lessons?
Swimming lessons are offered during the summer. Please contact BST's facility manager for information.


Can I bring a guest to BST?
Members are permitted to bring guests to BST.  Guest fees are $5 per person on weekdays and $7 per person on weekends and holidays. Guest policies may be modified due to public health and other concerns. Please see the Operating Status page for current guest policies. 


Can my babysitter bring my child to BST?
Members may have their children brought to BST by a babysitter.  Members are required to register babysitters by completing the BST Babysitter Form. Members may have up to two babysitters registered at one time. Only one babysitter may visit BST at a time. The fee for babysitter registration is $85 per year.

Can I have a party at the club?
Due to public health concerns, parties are not allowed at BST at this time. A party is defined as a gathering of 10 or more guests at one time.

I'm going away for part of the summer. Can my dues be pro-rated?
No. Membership at BST requires payment of dues in full.


Where can I park when I visit BST?
On-street parking is generally available on the streets around BST.  On weekdays, some parking is limited to two hours for all except Bolton Hill parking permit holders.

What restaurants deliver to BST?

For food delivery to BST, use 1120 Park Avenue, Baltimore MD 21217. BST's telephone number is (443) 873-6912. Remember to tell the restaurant that the entrance to BST is on Dolphin Lane!

Bella Roma Pizza (410) 467-2751
Brown Rice Korean Grill (443) 552-1962
Domino's Pizza (410) 244-8555

Noona's Pizza (410) 424 0857

Park Avenue Pharmacy (410) 225-0800
Piazza 27 (443) 552-1888
Subway (410) 225-3047
Turp's Sports Bar (410) 576-0266
Zella's Pizzeria (410) 685-6999

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