How Many Reservations May I Make?

Members may make one general swim reservation per weekday and one per weekend. Lap swimming reservations are allowed in addition to general swim reservations.

Is One Reservation Good for My Whole Family?

No. Please make a reservation for each member of your family. We are limiting the overall number of people in the facility to comply with the Mayor's orders currently in effect for the City of Baltimore. Reservations allow us to know how many people are at BST.

Should I Use the "Add Family Member" Option on My Log-in Page?

No. Please, please, please don't do this. It will not help you make reservations. Please don't use this.

I Just Made Reservations for My Family, But I Don't See Them in "My Schedule." Are the Reservations Really There?

Short Answer: Yes, they're there. We know it is disconcerting not to see them. It's also annoying not to be able to cancel or change the reservations you can't see. We are trying to make this easier for you.


Long Answer: Yes, they're there. When you make reservations for your family, they are not really "yours." The reservations belong to the person you made them for. If you go into their account, you will see the reservation in their "My Schedule" page. If you provided us with an email address for that family member, you can set up that account and they will receive a confirmation email at that email address. If you didn't provide an email address for everyone in your family but want to do so now, please fill out BST's Information Change Form


Why Am I Getting an Error Message When I Try to Make a Reservation?

Because we have to do some work on your account. We have fixed this in most accounts and are working methodically through the rest. If it's happening to you and you need a reservation. please email


Why Can't I Make a Reservation for My Family Members?

If you click to make a reservation, but then don't see buttons for each of your family members, it's probably because your significant other is the primary scheduler for your family. Only one person in a dual or family membership can make reservations for all the others. If you need us to change who that is for your family or think there's a problem with your account, please contact The solution is not to use the Add Family Member option.


How Do I Add a Babysitter or Houseguest to My Account?

We have forms for those account additions here. We try to process these forms within 24 hours.