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Do I Need a Reservation to Swim?

For lap swimming during regular pool hours, one lap lane is available by reservation and one is available for walk-ins. During swim team practice (Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 4:30-6:30), one lap lane is available. Use of this lane requires a reservation.


Do I Need a Reservation to Play Tennis?

Reservations are not required to play tennis, but members with reservations have priority for use of the courts. If you want to make sure you can play, a reservation is recommended.

Should I Use the "Add Family Member" Option on My Log-in Page?

No. Please, please, please don't do this. It will not help you make reservations. Please don't use this.

Why Am I Getting an Error Message When I Try to Make a Reservation?

Because we have to do some work on your account. If this is happening to you and you need a reservation, please click the button above for assistance.


Why Can't I Make a Reservation for My Family Members?

If you click to make a reservation, but then don't see buttons for each of your family members, it's probably because your significant other is the primary scheduler for your family. Only one person in a dual or family membership can make reservations for all the others. If you need us to change who that is for your family or think there's a problem with your account, please contact The solution is not to use the Add Family Member option.

How Do I Add a Babysitter or Houseguest to My Account?

We have forms for those account additions here. We try to process these forms within 24 hours.

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